“Dear Dr. Marin & Dr. Thomas,

Thank you and Dr. Thomas for all that you have done for me.  Your both amazing and am grateful and honored to call you my Drs.  I originally came in for pain in my upper back, neck and shoulders.  I left pain free for the first time since I can remember.  I feel that you are sincere and really care about making people feel better and live richer lives and being healthy.  I had and open mind and was hoping you could help me where Western medicine could not.   I never realized how much the treatments could help me and as far as I am concerned I am not going back to Western medicine!

I am so pleased about receiving health benefits without medication.  I also love the fact that acupuncture has a way of relaxing you and teaching your body how to relax.  I think it’s a wonderful way to heal your mind, body, and soul.  I recommend you and Dr. Thomas to all my friends and relatives.

Its nice to finally find someone who truely cares about my well being and doesn’t look at me like I’m money and paying for their vacation house.  You actually look at me like a person and want to help me improve my life.  I am forever grateful to you for helping me to remember who I am on the inside and reconnecting me with me!


Pamela C.
Hollywood, FL


To: The Pain Acupuncture Center

In 2006, I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis (PF) and spent the next 10 months attending physical therapy, three times a week. In June of 2007, the pain in my left foot reached the point that I was advised to have surgery. After surgery, I spent another seven months attending physical therapy and although the pain had subsided somewhat, I had chronic reoccurrences at least twice a week. Over exertion on one day led to two or three days of light activity to recover, but the pain never really stopped.

I finally decided to try Acupuncture, as I had heard it might help. I must say I was completely shocked when after the very first treatment I had NO pain in my left foot whatsoever! I then thought it would be temporary and would return the next day – but it did not. I have received several more pain treatments (not so much for chronic pain but for light pain associated with being able to do more on my feet now), and after each treatment, I leave with ZERO pain in either foot!

This has changed my quality of life, and I only wish I had started this therapy before I was talked into surgery, as I now believe that I could have avoided it completely. Furthermore, the middle back pain that I have wrestled with since a 2000 car accident has pretty much gone away now, since the first treatment, enabling me to sleep for longer periods without turning all night long to get comfortable!

Thank you, Evolution Wellness Center, for your expertise, professionalism, clinical atmosphere, guidance and most of all, your treatments, as I continue to feel so much better every day. Shame on me for not looking into acupuncture earlier!

Mark H.
Federal Law Enforcement Officer.


Since seeking acupuncture treatment, I have definitely seen an improvement in my ability to navigate through stress-filled and intense days without as many negative casualties, e.g. headaches, tension, irritability, lack of joy, sleeplessness, etc.  I  find acupuncture to be a low-level time commitment that I can easily set aside – a time dedicated to restoring my balance.

Klayton F.
Government Affairs & Community Investment.”